On Sunday 18th August i finally got to do the first KIB Clubs in my hometown, Manchester, and what a day it was! I decided to do 2 sessions back to back, and we were there for a whopping 9 hours! 
Truly an incredible day; we laughed, we cried, we progressed and we bonded! I absolutely loved this day, and i it gave my everything! Here's what some of the angels that attended had to say about their experience;

"I entered the workshop feeling nervous and unsure as to what was coming, worrying about opening up about myself. The room contained a welcoming atmosphere that allowed me to naturally open up without being even prompted or asked; if just felt right, and man did it feel good! Zara ensured the space was secure and positive at all times, and the other guests were extremely uplifting with one another. I left the session feeling liberated as hell, with 7 goals, 7 plans, and 7 new friends. Thank you, Zara."
- Katie

"Can I just say how much I enjoyed this afternoon it was so worth the travel from Glasgow to meet everyone - you are even more warm and lovely in person and I didn’t think that would be possible! What you are doing is making waves. Your brand is not only spreading a positive message. There’s meaning and a support from a real person behind that message, and you make that clear by forming a real friendship with your followers. The KIB club made me see the real person behind the brand, and how much it has helped people in so many different avenues of their lives. Your words were exactly what I needed to hear to take my business and creative ideas seriously and put myself first so I can give more to my students, and manage my anxiety through a busy schedule. I’m waking you with a new perspective on life today- thank you Zara!"
- Alexandra

"It was really emotional for me and Zara certainly hit those home truths that I needed to hear haha.

I feel genuinely excited for my future for the first time in many years."
- Zoe

"It was recently my first time at KIB Club in Manchester and it was honestly so good! It was inspiring listening to everones diffent goals, problems and advise! I met strangers that felt like ive always known them by the end! an experiance i will remember forever."
- Hannah

 "Super awesome, I feel we could have talked for another 4+ hours!! It was so refreshing to be in a supportive atmosphere with people who are all going through their own things, but now not alone."
- Sam

"An amazing afternoon and met friends for life. If you're considering going to one of these stop considering and just book it! Its brilliant. Thankyou so much for everything."
- Natalie

"Today I was super brave and took myself off to the KIB Workshop where I didn’t know ANYONE. I almost didn’t go, but I knew I’d regret not going so I went anyway and I am so glad I did. The people were all super nice and just as nervous as I was but in the end we all clicked and spoke like friends and helped each other out with life goals and it was also epic being in the presence of the ACTUAL good vibes goddess herself.🧡 The people there were so lovely and it felt so good to share experiences with people and share advice and inspiration and learn new things in a safe space and I am definitely gonna go again. Definitely recommend you to go if there’s one in your area!"
- Rosy

"Zara's keep it bright club was fantastic! Afterwards it just felt like everyone who feels stuck or needs motivation should have been there. It was lovely to share stories with like minded people and learn from each other. Brilliant way to spend the day. Can't recommend this enough."
- Sarah


Had a great Sunday at the Liverpool KIB Club recently, it was the first club with a completely private venue, thanks to Atelier Academy for letting us be in their lovely space! This club had a little KIB pop-up shop and a drink & snack bar too! I loved meeting so many women with their own businesses and hobbies..

"Particularly for someone fresh out of a controlling relationship, magical things start to happen when you surround yourself with a group of like-minded strong women. This is what happened at the Keep It Bright Club in Liverpool this weekend.
I didn’t really know what to expect from the workshop and when we were asked to introduce ourselves I was surprised at how easy I found this. I have become so used to trying to justify my life choices and who I am as a person that it took this group of then-strangers to make me drop those inhibitions and own who I am. Yes I’ve chosen to go back to work just 1 day a week but my work is important and worthwhile plus I’m also busy raising 2 babies. Yes I’m a single mum but I had the courage to leave a toxic relationship (I particularly enjoyed the round of applause at this part of the class). Yes I’m taking my time learning about myself again and discovering my self-worth but I’m doing it, starting with the encouragement from this group of women I’d just met. It was lovely to meet Zara in person and see how much she genuinely believes in her work, there is something uniquely special about someone you’ve just met championing your dreams and goals so passionately. And thank god it’s infectious!"

- Sarah

"Just wanted to say thank you for your event last Sunday! I’ve never been to an event like that before so I didn’t know what to expect but just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it! Felt like I could’ve sat there and spoke to you for hours, I didn’t want to leave. It was so lovely to be in a room surrounded by such strong willed and like-minded women! I also loved the goals workshop & learning how to look at things in a realistic way! Thank you for sharing what you shared that day you’re so strong! Fab to finally meet you and can’t wait for your future events & see your business grow even more you’re an inspiration. So so much respect for what you do & empowering women."

- Laura

"It was a great day!!! You helped me define my goals, gave me tips and pointers. Real achievable steps that I put into action straight away! Anyone who's thinking about it, just book it! Zara is one of the kindest and inspirational woman I've ever met! It felt good to talk to other women in business, especially when you work alone! I'd love to attend another to see how far we have come."

- Jackie


Had such a wonderful Sunday in Leicester with some wonderful humans a couple of weeks ago! Was lovely to finally meet some lovelies who've been supporting my work for years too!

Here's what they had to say about the day...

"So I’ve been a follower of Zara and Keep It Bright for many years so when I saw that the KIB club was coming to a nearby city I knew I needed to go. I really hoped that Zara would be how I thought she would but in the back of my mind was the saying ‘don’t meet your heroes’ as it happened Zara was how I thought she’d be and more, her positive attitude towards life is infectious. The venue she picked was super cute and it was amazing to spend time with like minded huns, I left feeling like we could take on the world and have felt so much more positive about myself since. If anyone is considering going along to a KIB club meet do it... stop thinking and just book your ticket! I promise you’ll be so so pleased that you did! "

- Katie

"I loved my time at the Leicester Keep It Bright club! It was amazing to meet up with Zara as the founder of a business that I have been such a fan of for years. I also really enjoyed meeting other likeminded people - everyone who came along had such a story to tell, and I met some genuinely inspiring, hard-working people who want to make a big difference to the world we live in. I would definitely recommend going along - we talked about life, set our own future goals, and it was like we were just building on one another’s energy and it felt super fulfilling and good to be around!"

- Daisy

"The KIB club was such a brilliant space to meet like minded people and really inspire each other! I felt so welcome and met some incredible people. It’s so great to have a place to be able to discuss your goals, and being able to support each other to get there!"

- Holly


The first ever Keep It Bright Club took place in Leeds on 16th June 2019, with 8 lovely ladies! Here's what some of them had to say about their experience that day;

"I didn’t know what to expect at all from the KIB club day but I came away feeling full of love and hope which was no surprise! It gave me a chance to meet and connect with like-minded, wonderful people. The goal setting and sharing of stories has inspired me to grow and develop myself and I’m actually sticking to the goals I set that day!"

- Amy

"I was quite apprehensive about going out of my comfort zone and attending the KIB Leeds club, but it was well worth going out of my comfort zone for. Being in a space with like minded people was a brilliant vibe to be involved in, hearing everyone’s goals and everyone having a safe space to share their stories was something special to be witnessed. It gave us all a chance to write down our goals and empower each other, I have stuck to the goals I set and also felt very motivated afterwards!"

- Rachel

"The KIB Club was a day full of the most inspiring ladies, listening to each of our life journeys, goals and dreams really made me realise how beautifully authentic we are in our own ways! Thank you Zara for making this possible"

- Hannah

" I didn’t know what to expect at The KIB club and was a little nervous to begin with but it was a great experience to get to know everyone and listen to others aspirations and goals. I left feeling motivated, inspired and driven!"

- Holly

"The KIB club day saw me out of my comfort zone: I didn't know what to expect or who would be attending. However, Zara made us all feel welcome and comfortable within a matter of minutes. Surrounded by like-minded women, the room was full of love and we all connected as we shared our goals and personal experiences. It was a very empowering day that left me feeling determined to check those next steps off my list. Very empowering!"

- Bethany

"The KIB meet up was so much fun! It was a chance to meet like minded women, all from different backgrounds, and offer a space for each to share our goals and dreams. Zara set focused tasks for us for us to focus on and it was helpful to discuss our answers with everyone."

- Sarah

"I was a little nervous about going but everyone including Zara at the KIB meet up were amazing! It was so great to meet like minded people and to be able to give and receive advice, set goals and soak up all the motivation!"

- Olivia

Introducing The Keep It Bright Club!

hey my love,

i was thinking the other month about what i wanted more of in my life, and i knew i wanted to do something where i could give back to all the wonderful humans who've been supporting what i do for so many years now, and that's how The Keep It Bright Club was born!

i wanted to get to spend some time with some of my lovely followers & customers and finally meet them in person, in a chill way; where i could offer them 1-on-1 advice for their particular situations, help out where i could from my experience, and create a supportive, encouraging and safe space, where they could meet other local like-minded babes!

so i decided to plan a few intimate gatherings in a few different cities where we could do all of the above, and where i could also host a mini-workshop which would help someone to work out the next practical steps they could take to get closer to their goals. this helps me so much, so i wanted to share this method with the lovely people joining me!

at the time of writing this, there have been 2 wonderful KIB Clubs so far in the past month, one in Leeds and one in Leicester, both were filled with so many good vibes and i absolutely loved them! so i wanted to start a little blog where i could keep some of the loveliness from the events in one place, to look back on and treasure, and also for anyone who's thinking about coming to one, to have a little look into what we get up to at the clubs!

i'm really excited for the upcoming KIB Clubs, and all the ones i hope to do in the future too, and i hope to meet you at one!

click here to see which clubs are coming up, to see more info & to get tickets!

Zara Khalique
Keep It Bright